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Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Men: An Analytical Approach to Managing Emotions

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At Katy Counseling for Men, we offer a variety of men's therapy approaches that are supported by research and shown to be effective. Among these approaches we include both talk therapy and non-talk therapy approaches.

One of our talk therapy approaches we offer for men's counseling is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy or CBT.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) has been around since the 1960's. As a result, it is one of the most studied and researched therapy approaches out there. And study after study has shown it to be a very effective form of therapy for men.

What is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

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Some men really enjoy the CBT approach to learning how to manage emotions and behavior. It is a very analytical approach that appeals to many men.

A lot of the work in CBT is focused in the present moment. There generally isn't a lot of time spent focusing on the past. We do explore the future in terms of what you would like your life to look like and how CBT can help achieve that.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy helps men focus on 3 main principles to help men overcome a wide variety of emotional and/or behavioral challenges. These 3 main principles are:

1. Core Beliefs About Ourself

Largely, the core beliefs we hold about ourselves were developed in our childhood and teen years. The experiences that we had during these years and the messages we told ourselves due to those experiences start to shape our core belief.

These core beliefs are deeply rooted in our psyche and affect the assumptions we hold about ourselves. Thoughts and feelings arise from the core belief or beliefs that has developed throughout our lifetime.

2. The Assumptions We Hold Based on Our Core Beliefs

From our core beliefs, we start to develop assumptions about ourselves. These assumptions can be related to any and all aspects of who we are as a person. Often these assumptions come from a place that is not rational or logical. And this is hard for many people. Normally we see that the assumptions we hold are not grounded in fact or logic. But nonetheless, they exert a powerful influence over how we think and feel about ourselves.

3. Automatic Negative Thoughts That Arise Due to Our Core Belief & Self Assumptions

Based on our core beliefs and assumptions we hold about who we are as a man, automatic negative thoughts are created. These are thoughts that have a job to do. And their job is to support and reaffirm the negative, faulty, core beliefs and assumptions we hold about ourselves.

This may sound counter intuitive. However, we have often developed these core beliefs and assumptions as a sort of protective mechanism that may have been needed at some point in our childhood.

However, as an adult, we have developed and matured and no longer need this type of juvenile protection. But our brain does not pick up on this. It will create automatic negative thoughts that will continue to support the status quo in terms of your core beliefs and faulty assumptions.

CBT in Action in Men's Counseling

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In men's counseling, your therapist will help you to drill down and identify the negative core beliefs, the faulty assumptions, and the negative automatic thoughts. Your men's therapist will also help you see how the way you are feeling today stems from these 3 places.

Your men's counselor will help you to challenge the negative core beliefs, the faulty assumptions, and help replace the automatic negative thoughts. We replace these thoughts first because they are often irrational and not logical. Second, these thoughts often drive the feelings that we experience.

It's not enough to simply change the thoughts, however. The work is to also change the negative core belief as this is also often times irrational and faulty.

Once we change the negative core belief and it is no longer a strongly held belief, it has a ripple effect though out your emotional system and your assumptions and automatic thoughts start to change as well.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is effective in helping men through a wide variety of emotional or behavioral challenges. Some of the things that CBT can help men with include but aren't limited to:

You don't need to live with the burden and challenges that emotional or behavioral struggles give you in your life. There are many options out there that can help you build a stronger future free from the turmoil that these challenges bring.

And now you have a therapy practice that specializes in men's counseling. Don't wait, call, text, or email us at Katy Counseling for Men today. You will be glad you did!

Katy Counseling for Men: Specializing in Men's Counseling Katy, TX & Houston

At Katy Counseling for Men, there is finally a place in Katy, TX where we specialize in men's counseling. Our men's counselors have focused their careers on counseling men and gaining advanced training in those approaches that can help men build stronger futures.

There is now specialized help available for you in Katy, TX. You don't need to trudge this challenging road alone. You have men's therapists to help walk that road with you and help build a stronger future, together!

At our Katy, TX location of Katy Counseling for Men, we are ready to help. If you are ready to start, all you need to do is follow these three simple steps:

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Other Support Services Offered at Katy Counseling for Men: Katy, TX & Houston

At our Katy, TX location of Katy Counseling for Men, we have a variety of both talk therapy and non-talk therapy approaches in counseling for men. Below are a few of what we have to offer:

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) (Talk Therapy)

Accelerated Resolution Therapy (ART) (Not Talk Therapy)

Eye Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing (EMDR) (Not Talk Therapy)

Board Certified Neurofeedback (Brain Training)

Marriage Counseling & Couples Therapy