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Men's Counseling by therapists who specialize in counseling men. 


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“Therapy hasn’t “fixed” me, because I wasn’t broken. It has helped me access and make sense of my thoughts, feelings and actions.”

― H. Booth

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Why Katy Counseling for Men?


Men, can you relate to any of the following:

  • The mounting stress and pressures in life are almost too much to bear. You feel stuck and it's limiting you personally, relationally, and professionally.

  • You're going through a separation or divorce and the weight and pressure is overwhelming.

  • Your marriage is struggling, you want it to improve but feel stuck in the same cycle.

  • Feelings of depression continue to bear down on you day in and day out.

  • Anxiety is preventing you from excelling in your career due to the constant worry, fear, and concern. 

  • You don't know why you get so angry. Certain things just seem to push your buttons.



  • Are you hesitant to see a therapist as you're unsure how they could help?

  • You don't want the judgment that you feel may come by opening up and sharing with another person? 

  • Are you concerned that you may not be able to relate to or connect with a therapist?

Who & Why We Are


At Katy Counseling for Men, we bring on those therapists who have a track record of specializing in men's counseling. These are therapists who are experienced, accepting, understanding, and who can connect with and relate to the men they work with. 


Why we started a very specific therapy practice with only men in mind is we know there are countless men suffering in silence. There aren't many if any practices that specialize only in men's counseling.


We know men typically do not want to go to therapy. And so do other practice owners. Which is why you don't see many therapy practices that specialize in men's counseling only.


And there needs to be a therapy practice that specializes in men's counseling. There are those men who are ready. And there are those men who will be ready. We want to be here for you whenever you are ready.


Our mission is to help men remove the obstacles of today so that you can build a stronger tomorrow. And together we can do it!

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The Strengths of a Man 


Men come by way of specific drives that are genetically encoded in our DNA. These drives were handed down from our hunter/gather ancestors where the strong survived.


Men have about 20 times the testosterone than women. Because of this and other factors, we have drives that propel us in our lives:

  • We are driven to compete.

  • We are driven to provide for ourselves and those we love.

  • We are driven to solve problems.

  • We are driven to strive for success. 


When these drives are channeled in a healthy way, we can overcome any obstacle in our path in our drive to compete, provide, and succeed!

Yet when emotional challenges like depression, anxiety, panic attacks, social anxiety, imposter syndrome, anger, trauma, PTSD, or others arise, these interfere with our drives.


Emotional challenges prevent us from accessing our potential and our ability to compete, provide, problem solve, and succeed diminish greatly. 

Many times, as these emotional challenges persist, they also impact our relationships. Our marriages can suffer and our relationships with bosses and co-workers suffer.

As men, we attack these emotional challenges as problems that simply need to be solved. Yet the complexity of emotional challenges often aren't solved through Socratic problem solving. And so, the emotional challenges persist.

So, we endure. We push through. We suck it up and get done what needs to get done . . . meanwhile suffering in silence. 

There is a better way. At Katy Counseling for Men, our counselors who specialize in men's counseling help men overcome those obstacles that stand in their way. 

There is no need to suffer in silence and have emotional challenges impact your ability to compete, provide, problem solve, and succeed.


Call us today and let us help you build a stronger future together!

“Courage doesn’t happen when you have all the answers. It happens when you are ready to face the questions you have been avoiding.”  

― S.L. Alder

In Addition to A Man's Strengths & Drives: One Tiny Weakness


In addition to these genetically derived strengths, we also have another trait that was handed down through our ancestorial line -- to not show weakness! Weakness or showing weakness in our early human development was often a threat to our and our tribe's survival.


While today's man largely does not have to worry about life and death decisions, we still have retained these strengths to defend against life's threats. And we have also retained the trait to not show weakness.

Men are half as likely to see a doctor according to the Center for Disease Control. And out of the top 10 causes of death, men are likely to die from 8 of them according to the National Vital Statistics Report.  According to the Mental Health Foundation, roughly 16% of men will experience an emotional struggle. But out of that 16%, only 36% will see a counselor. The Center for Disease Control show that while men make up 48% of the population, they account for 80% of suicides.

At Katy Counseling for Men, we believe that this genetically handed down strength of not showing weakness, in our modern world, has turned into a health risk for many men. And the numbers would support that.

We have been endowed with strengths largely centered around the primary, instinctual drive to provide, protect, and create for our tribe. In our modern world we don't have to compete with or protect ourselves or our tribe from external, life-threatening dangers (in general).

The danger has shifted in today's modern world. It is no longer external threats to our or our tribe's safety, it's a new danger that many men fear the most.  More than the saber-toothed tiger of our ancestors. More than the warring tribe trying to take our life and property of those who came before us.


What men fear most is the inner world of thoughts, feelings, and emotions. Acknowledging this may feel like a weakness. But to ignore it has a direct impact on our ability today to protect, provide, and create for ourselves and our tribe. To acknowledge our inner world and seek help for the benefit of ourselves and our modern-day tribe (our spouse/partner and family) takes strength.

When you are given, provided, or learn the right tools, you'll be able to use your natural drives to overcome these challenges. There are tools to help you overcome depression, anxiety, social anxiety, panic attacks, performance anxiety, ADHD/ADD, trauma, PTSD, anger, etc. 

Right now, it may feel like a one sided battle with the emotional challenges winning. Let us help even the odds by helping you gain the tools and skills necessary to rid your life of these emotional obstacles!

“Anyone can hide. Facing up to things, working through them, that’s what makes you strong.” – S. Dessen