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Separation & Divorce Counseling: Katy Counseling for Men

Building Stonger Futures Together

A man sittingon the edge of his bed in pajama bottoms and white tshirt twisting his wedding ring with a woman behind him sitting up in bed crossing her arms looking angry. This represents the need for marriage therapy katy, tx and marriage counseling katy, tx 77494. This also represents the need for couples counseling katy, tx and couples therapy katy, tx 77494.


  • You feel STUCK! You may be in a relationship and you're not sure what direction to take. You've thought about separation or divorce but love your wife or partner and you think about how it may affect the kids.


  • You've separated. You may feel conflicted as you enjoy parts of being independent. And you're not sure if reconciliation is the path to take or even if it's possible.


  • Your wife has asked for a divorce. The hurt, frustration, and confusion you feel is interfering with your ability to function in everyday life.


  • You've asked for a divorce. While you feel it's the right step, it's not an easy step. The stress, anxiety, uncertainty weigh heavy on you as you take your next steps.

How to Know When Counseling for Men Can Help in a Divorce or Separation 


There is no such thing a stress-free separation or divorce. If you have been in a relationship with a girlfriend, wife, or partner for any length of time, you have connected on emotional, intellectual, physical, and spiritual levels. To disconnect and detangle that relationship can be complex.

Some of the challenges men experience in separating or in divorce situations include:

  • Feeling of loneliness, isolation, and lack of support

  • Judgment from others

  • Feelings of guilt 

  • Loss of status

  • Change in personal identity

  • Increase in stress

  • Increase in life pressures

  • Financial strain and uncertainty

  • Resentment and anger

  • Depression

  • Anxiety

  • Social Anxiety

  • Panic Attacks

If you are experiencing any of the above, you don't need to go it alone. Yes, you are strong, smart, and capable enough to do so.  And asking for help is a different kind of strength. Having a men's counselor to meet with can help. You will have someone who specializes in men's counseling to:


  • Bounce thoughts and ideas off of

  • Get an outside perspective on situations

  • Be able to help as you make important, life changing decisions

  • Help you to better manage, depression, anxiety, social anxiety, panic attacks, etc.

  • Who can help you walk this complicated path may make all the difference today an

Let us help you during this complicated, stressful time to build a stronger future together.

Counseling for Men Can When Going Through a Separation or Divorce

A man with a beard, blue denim button up shirt, white tshirt underneath, sitting on a couch, looking and talking with a man across from him sitting in a chair with a cilp board and pen, writing, wearing a white long sleeved dress shirt and dark dress pants. This represents the need for divorce counseling katy, tx and divorce therapy katy, tx 77494. This also represents a need for separation counseling katy, tx and separation therapy katy, tx 77494.


Often when going through a separation or divorce, it can feel very lonely and isolating. For many, it may be the first time going through a divorce or a formal separation. There will be decisions that will need to be made for the first time and that will affect the rest of your life. 

Having a counselor who specializes in men's counseling can provide an ally, guide, and support during a challenging time in your life. A counselor for men can help you think through these important decisions to help you make decisions that are best for your life situation.

A men's counselor can also help challenge you in ways that can help you grow stronger through this period of time. They may be able to identify and point out areas where you may need some challenging. This can help you in making choices and decisions from a reasonable and rational place versus an emotional place.

If you are experiencing a separation or divorce and are experiencing any of the above, it may be time to reach out to a men's counselor for support. It can be a difficult period in your life that can be made easier with support.

What is Preventing You From Starting Counseling for Men?

A Hispanic man with a beard, light blue button up dress shirt that is open with a white tshirt underneath, smiling at a woman sitting across from him holding a clip board and a pen, and she is writing. This represents the need for men's counseling katy, tx and men's therapy katy, tx 77494. This also represents the need for men's counselors katy, tx and men's therapists katy, tx 77494.


It's not uncommon for many a man going through a separation or divorce to choose to go it alone. They may have support from their family and some friends. Some may not have support from family or friends.


Whether you have a lot of support or no support, it can feel lonely and isolating going through a separation or divorce. Your status changes, Your identity as a husband or boyfriend changes. Your role as a father changes. And regardless of the divorce being amicable, people look at you differently.


There are also a lot of important life decisions with long term ramifications that will need to be made during a divorce. The stress of these decisions and resulting outcomes can be heavy.


Having a counselor who specializes in men's counseling can help. This is not a path that you have to tread alone. You can have a seasoned, experienced, professional by your side walking this path with you. 


Our counselors have walked this path with men before and may be able to be a guide for you on this journey. They may be able to spot and identify obstacles that you can avoid in making these important life decisions.


They can also help guide you through any emotional stress and challenges you may be experiencing. Having the emotional support will mean that these complex emotions will not stand in your way of your business, work, and other relationships. 

Marriage Counseling & Couples Therapy in Katy, Tx & Houston

A man wearing a grey sweater sitting on a couch looking down and sad and a woman sitting next to him with her hand on his arm looking at the man with another woman in glasses sitting across from them with a pen in her hand. This represents the need for marriage counseling katy, tx and couples therapy katy, tx 77494.


Not all separations need to result in a divorce. And not all divorces need to carry through to its final conclusion and dissolution of the marriage. We have men's counselors who are also experienced couples therapists and marriage counselors. 

We have worked with couples who are seeking a separation or divorce due to infidelity or other serious violations of trust. It is not uncommon for couples to choose to work through this and remain together. And some couples later go on to talk about how their relationship has become stronger because they chose to do the work.

Other couples seek a separation or divorce as they may have fallen out of love. They may have grown apart over the years and don't have things in common like they used to. And there are couples who have chosen to work through this and have come out the other side stronger.

And sometimes marriage counseling of couples therapy is helpful for those couples who choose to pursue a divorce. Couples therapy and marriage counseling at this stage can help the couple work through emotions that may surface due to the divorce to help them end things on a positive and amicable note. 

If there are children, teenagers, or young adults who would be impacted because of the divorce, marriage counseling and couples therapy can help the couple learn to co-parent together. The one thing that all couples have in common in a divorce where there are children, teenagers, and/or young adults involved is they don't want to hurt the kids.

Being able to co-parent together, unified in their parenting, is the surest way to minimize long term impacts of divorce. This can be challenging to do as there may be heighted emotions involved. This is where a men's counselor experienced in couples therapy and marriage counseling can help.

And a counselor for men can help you in your decision process on just how to move forward whether to:

  • Seek to reconcile and work things out

  • Separate

  • Or seek a divorce

Let Us Be Your Guide on This Journey: Katy Counseling for Men in Katy, TX & Houston


This can be a challenging period of time in your life. Having a seasoned professional who specializes in men's counseling can help. The loneliness, isolation, depression, anxiety, anger, or other challenges do not have to affect your happiness and success in life. 

Our men's counselors can also help you walk the path as you make important decisions in this period of time. You will have a guide to point out obstacles and barriers and help you to overcome them.

Our Katy, TX location of Katy Counseling for Men has therapist who can help. Our therapists are those who specialize in therapy for men. 


To start your counseling journey, you can follow these three simple steps:

  1. Contact Katy Counseling for Men

  2. Meet with one of our men's counselors

  3. Take the first step in partnering with an experienced and seasoned guide

Other Wellness Services Offered at Katy Counseling for Men:
Katy, TX & Houston

At our Katy, TX location of Katy Counseling for Men, in addition to separation or divorce counseling for men, we offer a variety of other counseling services to fit your unique needs.

A part of a bridge that is orange in color with archways and angles. This represents the need for cbt in katy, tx 77494. This also represents a need for cbt counselors katy, tx and cbt therapists katy, tx 77494.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

A peach colored statue, 90 degree angles, with a square hollow. This represents the need for trauma therapy katy, tx and ptsd treatment katy, tx 77494.

Accelerated Resolution Therapy (ART)

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Eye Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing (EMDR)

Cactus with blue sky behind. This represents the need for neurofeedback for anger katy, tx 77494. This also represents the need for neurofeedback for depression katy, tx and neurofeedback for anxiety katy, tx 77494.

Board Certified Neurofeedback

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Marriage Counseling & Couples Therapy

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