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A man wearing a pink polo shirt, silver watch, arm folded on the table in front of him, other with the side of his neck resting on his fist, wearing glasses and he is smiling. He is a counselor for men katy, tx and a therapist for men katy, tx 77494. He is a male therapist katy, tx and a male counselor katy, tx 77494.

Jason Drake, LCSW-S, BCN
Neurofeedback Therapist 

I want to welcome you to Katy Counseling for Men. I started Katy Counseling for Men partly out of my own experience in overcoming panic attacks and anxiety through therapy.  

I had been through several therapists until I found the right one. I met with several therapists who were generalists in their approach. It wasn't until I found a therapist who specialized in men's counseling and anxiety that I was able to transform my life. 

This motivated me to provide a counseling practice to help men avoid "therapist shopping" before they find the right one. Hiring therapists who specialize in men's counseling increases the chance of a good fit for you.


And it also means you have a therapist who through education, training, and experience, know men's challenges.

At Katy Counseling for men, our therapists use those approaches that are supported by research and shown to be effective. We also have therapists who specialize in specific approaches outside of talk therapy like neurofeedback and Accelerated Resolution Therapy (ART).

What I Bring to Katy Counseling for Men: Board Certified in Neurofeedback


I have been providing therapy to teens, young adults, and families since 2003. In 2019, I became interested in an approach to therapy with a high success rate within a relatively short period of time. This approach is neurofeedback.


In getting trained in neurofeedback, I opted to go the route of Board Certification through the Biofeedback Certification International Alliance (BCIA). BCIA is the main certification body in the United States and internationally.


Board certification is a rigorous process designed to ensure that the neurofeedback therapist has the education, training, and mentoring necessary to use neurofeedback as a therapeutic approach.


I started using neurofeedback for teen girls who had experienced complex trauma and PTSD (e.g., verbal, physical, and/or sexual abuse). Neurofeedback proved very effective in this setting.

In 2020, I started Katy Teen & Family Counseling located in Katy, Texas. This is a therapy practice for teen therapy, young adult counseling, and family therapy. I started using neurofeedback at Katy Teen & Family Counseling and have provided neurofeedback to teens, young adults, and adults alike.

Neurofeedback is not talk therapy. Talk therapy is an approach where the therapists must learn and identify the root source of the challenges through questions and answers. Neurofeedback flips this and starts to address the challenges right at the source of the problem, the brain.

Neurofeedback has shown to be 90%-95% effective in seeing moderate to significant improvements in the symptoms people start with. While it may not work for all, it has been so effective this is now the main approach I use as a therapist.

You can read more about neurofeedback at this website under the neurofeedback page. You can also schedule a consultation with me or with our other neurofeedback therapist, Amy Galpin, LPC-S, who has been providing neurofeedback since 2013.

You don't need to live with the challenges that stand in your way of improving your relationships, your career, and your life. There are answers and you can start to build a stronger future today!


In being a neurofeedback therapist for men, I have helped others who have started neurofeedback therapy with heavy emotional and/or behavioral burdens. They come to therapy having the burdens interfering with their happiness, relationships, and success and leave with those burdens lightened and no longer holding them back from life.

I have helped men overcome obstacles in their path of happiness and success such as:

When getting trained in neurofeedback, I had to have at least 10 sessions of neurofeedback myself. I opted to work on my brain's peak performance.


After 10 sessions, I could tell a dramatic difference. I opted to train for 40 sessions after that as I greatly appreciated the boost in my brain's peak performance.

You may not struggle with one of the above challenges. And neurofeedback can help propel you to the next level in optimizing your brain's performance. 

I look forward to helping you and building a stronger future together!

A man wearing a sky blue, long sleeved dress shirt, blue sports coad, black glasses, pointing up with both fingers and looking up as gears in the shape of a brain and idea flowing from the brain with words, shapes, and symbols. This represents the need for neurofeedback for autism katy, tx and neurofeedback for anxiety katy, tx 77494. This also represents the need for neurofeedback in katy, tx 77494.

Stephanie Law

"Jason Drake is an outstanding therapist. He is a very interested listener. He is skilled at getting everyone to open up and be aware of different perspectives. He has helped all of us communicate in more productive ways. We always left the sessions with tips and positive feelings. He truly cares. I highly recommend him to everyone."

Kathy J.

"Jason is a rare breed. He truly cares about the families he counsels. He compassionately seeks to understand while withholding judgement. He is an ally to your family’s needs, and I would recommend him to anyone who is seeking therapy."

Diane Covert

"Jason is very compassionate and easy to talk to. He has invested a lot into up to date therapies. He is easy to interact with, very trustworthy and genuinely cares about the well being of everyone he meets."

Start Neurofeedback Today:
Katy Counseling for Men
Katy Tx & Houston


Why continue to live with the life impacting effects of depression, anxiety, social anxiety, panic attacks, performance anger, trauma, PTSD or other challenges any longer. There are effective approaches that can help you begin to build a stronger future.

At our Katy, TX location of Katy Counseling for Men, we have neurofeedback therapists who can help. If you are ready to start neurofeedback, all you need to do is follow these three simple steps:


  1. Contact Katy Counseling for Men

  2. Speak with one of our neurofeedback therapists

  3. Start your healing journey today!

Other Wellness Services Offered at Katy Counseling for Men:
Katy, TX & Houston

At our Katy, TX location of Katy Counseling for Men, we offer a variety of counseling services to fit your unique needs.

An orange building with arches and angular shapes. This represents the need for cognitive behavioral therapy in katy, tx and cognitive behavioral therapy katy, tx 77494. This also represents the need for cbt in katy, tx and cbt katy, tx 77494.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

A peach colored statue, 90 degree angles, with a square hold in the statue with blue background. This represents the need for trauma therapy katy, tx and ptsd treatment katy, tx 77494. This also represents anger management katy, tx and anger management for men katy, tx 77494.

Accelerated Resolution Therapy (ART)

A triangular building with multiple levels and blue sky in the background. This represents the need for emdr for panic attacks katy, tx and emdr for social anxiety katy, tx 77494. This also represents the need for emdr for trauma katy, tx 77494.

Eye Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing (EMDR)

Cactus with blue sky in the background. This represents the need for neurofeedback for peak performance katy, tx and neurofeedback for anxiety katy, tx 77494. This also represents the need for neurofeedback for ADHD katy, tx 77494.

Board Certified Neurofeedback

White archways with blue sky in the background. This represents the need for couples counseling katy, tx and couples therapy katy, tx 77494. This also represents the need for marriage counseling katy, tx and marriage therapy katy, tx 77494.

Marriage Counseling & Couples Therapy

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